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Tanith Belbin and Kim Navarro head to CBC

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What do Tanith Belbin and Kim Navarro have in common aside from being blonde and gorgeous (and world-class ice dancers)?  They are both heading to CBC's "Battle of the Blades this season."  Unclear how much of that decision was based on the fact that they are both blonde and gorgeous...though I assume the ice dancing ability was also important.

The show is a real-life version of "The Cutting Edge," pairing up hockey players with figure skaters to skate for a charity prize in live competition.  It's incredibly popular, and something that would obviously never take off in America.

Icenetwork has an article on the upcoming cast, which includes a female hockey player for the first time - Tessa Bonhomme, an Olympic gold medalist.  She teams up with Olympic pairs gold medalist David Pelletier.