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Madison Chock and Evan Bates Headed to Skate Canada

New ice dancing team Madison Chock (formerly of Chock and Greg Zuerlein) and Evan Bates (formerly of Emily Samuelson and Evan Bates) are headed to Skate Canada

There is not yet a Grand Prix placement for Emily Samuelson and her new partner, Todd Gilles, although there is still a USA spot in Skate America to be determined - who will snag that one??

I'm glad Chock and Bates will get a chance to compete on the international stage at Skate Canada.  There will competition to be the number three U.S. ice dancing team (which is actually a big deal these days, thanks to world slots!) so they can wrack up the experience as partners and take a step closer to that.  I don't think the Shibutanis have much to worry about right now as far as the number two U.S. spot.