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Universal Sports is a Changing

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I don't quite understand what these articles mean.  They are saying that Universal Sports is moving from its current "over-the-air multicast" channel to "what it calls a "multi-platform, high definition service" on pay television, starting in Jan. 2012, according to

I am not completely sure what this means, although the articles talk about Universal Sports becoming part of cable and satellite offerings.

Pushing this effort is an appeal to consumers through a marketing campaign called "I Want Universal Sports," which will include TV, radio, print, and digital ad buys. The Olympics-sport focused challenge is owned by NBC and InterMedia Partners.

Part of the strategy is transitioning to what the company calls a "multiplatform, high-definition service." The changeover will start in January 2012. Veteran Olympic broadcaster NBC will be airing the Summer Olympics games in London next summer.

After reading the comments under this article, I think maybe Universal Sports does not currently count as a cable network, and when it switches, it will indeed be something that will be cable and thus, you will essentially be paying for it as part of your cable or satellite package.  That doesn't necessarily mean you'll have to pay for it separately or something like HBO.  I think that's correct.  Not sure how many people this will affect since I have no idea who was getting Universal Sports without getting cable or satellite.