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Checking in with Alissa Czisny

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Figure Skaters Online has an article on Alissa Czisny and her new season. 

Apparently, Czisny has been practicing triple lutz/triple toe loops and triple toe/triple toes.  I don't tend to believe these skaters anymore when they talk about adding triple/triples to their programs...Rachael Flatt's former coach Tom Zakrajsek ruined it for everyone by touting triple/triples last season that Flatt never even attempted.  But Czisny needs to bulk up technically in order to be more competitive so I would love to see her add at least one of those combinations to her repertoire.

Czisny's short program will be to La Vie en Rose, which will likely be lovely.  She's skating to Valse Triste for her long program and Pascale Carmelengo is choreographing.

Czisny is the only American scheduled to skate at the Japan Open, representing the North American team.  That competition is coming up in a few weeks, before the Grand Prix starts.