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Junior Grand Prix Update: Poland

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The season's third junior Grand Prix event took place this weekend in Gdansk, Poland.  Here are the medal results from that event. Find full results here and and Icenetwork article here.


1) Julia Lipnitskaia (Russia; she won by more than ten points)

2) Satoko Miyahara (Japan)

3) Samantha Cesario (USA)


1) Joshua Farris (USA)

2) Artur Dmitriev (Russia)

3) Ryuichi Kihara (Japan)


1) Britney Simpson and Matthew Blackmer (USA; they became the first US pairs team to win gold in the Junior Grand Prix since Jessica Paetsch and Jon Nuss did it back in 2007)

2) Katherine Bobak and Ian Beharry (Canada)

3) Tatiana Tudaseva and Sergie Lisiev (Russia)

Ice Dancing

1) Victoria Sinitsina and Rusian Zhiganshin (Russia)

2) Anastasia Galyeta and Alexei Shumski (Ukraine)

3) Anna Yanovskaia and Sergei Mozgov (Russia)