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Brandon Mroz and his Quad Lutz: First in History?

Universal Sports has video of Brandon Mroz landing a quadruple lutz at the Colorado Springs Invitational in Colorado last weekend.  It looks pretty great - I don't doubt he's going to land one in a major competition this year.

According to Phil Hersh, the International Skating Union is currently weighing whether to give Mroz credit as having landed the first quadruple lutz in competition.  Pretty amazing stuff.

I spoke Wednesday morning with Peter Krick, chair of the International Skating Union's sports directorate, and Krick told me the ISU would consider the situation once it had full details from U.S. Figure Skating about Mroz' accomplishment in Friday's short program at the Colorado Springs Invitational.

Krick said that would include:  a written report from the event referee describing the competition, which had three men's entrants; a statement from the judging panel controller of having witnessed the jump and certifying it had sufficient revolutions and a clean landing; and video evidence.

US Figure Skating had contacted the ISU to see if there was a chance to get credit for the jump.  Other skaters reportedly working on the quad lutz are USA's Adam Rippon and Czech Republic's Michal Brezina, so it makes sense for Mroz to try to secure credit and get his name in the history books.  Kurt Browning landed the very first quad in competition back at the 1988 worlds, and Tim Goebel landed the first quad salchow in 1998.  Other skaters have come very close to competing quads in some of the other jumps but have fallen or two-footed and haven't gotten that credit.  Sounds like we could have a few new feats this season...and it's about time, with the last "first" quad having been 13 years ago.