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Evan Lysacek Just Can't Commit

Chicago Tribune reports on Evan Lysacek's training.  Although he states that training is going well, Lysacek will not commit to Skate America, which takes place next month.  Oh, don't we just love a tease!

But the reigning Olympic men’s figure skating champion still would not say whether he will compete at Skate America next month, even if U.S. Figure Skating has been using his face for weeks on its web site to promote ticket sales for that event and January’s U.S. Championships.

“That’s bold,” Lysacek said of the promotion.  “The reason I haven’t made any grand statements about coming back and being there is because I don’t want to be the one responsible for anyone’s disappointment.  All I have said, even to them (the federation), is that I am training, and I would like to be in shape for it.

“That’s the only statement I can make at this point.  They can take it and run with it in whatever direction they want to run.

Well, now that Lysacek is the Olympic champion, it's fun to see him be sassy with US Figure Skating.  Lysacek also said in the article that he had gained weight and lost muscle mass over the year following the Olympics and he has lost the weight but not gained the muscle.  Yikes.  I'll be honest - it does not sound good for Lysacek's chances of being in Skate America.  But I wish he would just make a decision either way so we can all move on. 

Lysacek also said if he does compete, he'll definitely have a quad at least in his free skate.  It sounds like his sights are set on Nationals but not necessarily on the Grand Prix.  Do you think he'll be at Skate America?