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Junior Grand Prix Happened in Romania Last Weekend

The Junior Grand Prix is just plugging away and I am sitting here counting the seconds until the senior one. Let's see who medaled in Brasov, Romania.


1) Polina Shelepen (Russia, second gold of the season)

2) Polina Korobeynikova (Russia...Polina seems a very popular name for this age group.  Does anyone know this story?  Was there a young adult novel in Russia about 15 years ago with a protagonist named Polina?)

3) Hae-Jin Kim (South Korea)


1) Maxim Kovtun (Russia)

2) Ryuju Hino (Japan)

3) Nam Nguyen (Canada)

Ice Dancing

1) Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin (Russia)

2) Anastasia Galyeta and Alexei Shumski (Ukraine)

3) Mackenzie Bent and Garret MacKeen (Canada)