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Junior Grand Prix Update

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The first Junior Grand Prix event took place last weekend in Riga, Latvia.  Let the judging begin!  Here are the medalists and the prior links has all of the results.


1) Ryuju Hino (Japan)

2) He Zhang (China)

3) Timothy Dolensky (US, in his Junior Grand Prix debut, according to Examiner)


1) Polina Shelepen (Russia, two triple/triple attempts in free skate)

2) Zijun Li (China)

3) Polina Agafonova (Russia)


1) Wenjing Sui and Cong Han (China)

2) Xiaoyu Yu and Yang Jin (China)

3) Margaret Purdy and Michael Marinaro (Canada)

Ice Dance

1) Maria Nosulia and Evgen Kholoniuk (Ukraine)

2) Evgenia Kosigina and Nikolai Moroshkin (Russia)

3) Alexandria Aldridge and Daniel Eaton (US)