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In the News: Asada's book, Pang and Tong, Nationals and More

Some skating news updates from the past few weeks.

-There seems to be a bit of a controversy surrounding Mao Asada's planned book release. The book (which, translated to English is titled It's alright, tomorrow I'll be able to do it) was set for release in February, but that has been cancelled according to the publisher. The Mainichi Daily News reports that the promotional campaign for the book did not jibe with Asada's views of the book. One point of contention was a poster stating "Mom, thank you so much." Asada's mother passed away in December after fighting illness. There is no word on whether the book will be published at some point in the future.

-Reigning Olympic silver medalists Pang and Tong of China made their first foray into competition this season a few weeks ago at the National Winter Games of China, which takes place every four years. They beat out Zhang and Zhang and Sui and Han.

-Skaters head into action in Canada as the Nationals have begun.

-Another article in ESPN's continuing series on scholar-athlete Rachael Flatt