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Sorry, Madonna, the ice calls

There is more information out on Johnny Weir's impending competitive comeback.

ESPN reports that some of the reasons we know Weir is serious about the comeback include:

-turning down an invite to Madonna's film premiere next week.

So, that means business. Heh, just kidding. Weir really does sound committed to making this happen.

"I won't be able to spend Saturday night drinking in a corner booth with my friends," he said. "I'll be sleeping."

He plans to work hard on his quad, the all-important element in men's skating these days. Not only are all the top men doing quads, but world champion Patrick Chan has two in his free skate.

Weir has tried them in competition but struggled to land them cleanly.

"So I can actually be a real threat and not show up as just kind of a face of figure skating," Weir said of perfecting the four-revolution jump. "I want to show up and be competitive and actually have people take this seriously. This isn't a publicity stunt."

Weir has been training since the fall. He says in the article that he might want to a music medley from Carmen and Lady Gaga. I'm glad he's starting his comeback pretty him plenty of time to see if he can be competitive for Sochi.