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More Surgery for Plushenko

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Evgeny Plushenko will need back surgery in addition to the scheduled knee surgery he was to undergo. Per RT:

"They found a hernia in my spine and it is a decent size,” Pluschenko told Sport-Express newspaper. “Therefore I’ll need further surgery."

Health problems will see the 29-year-old missing out on the Word Figure Skating Championship to take place in Nice, France, between March 26 and April 1.

But according to coach Aleksey Mishin, the break is essential for his charge as the schedule of his preparations for Sochi 2014 is going to very tight.

“Now is the perfect moment to deal with health problems, because we have long-term sporting plans,” Mishin said. “In April, will start working on the new program. In order to improve, we’ll turn to foreign experts. I’ll keep their names secret for now. But we want to benefit from the European and American experience."

There are still two years before the Sochi Olympics so if Plushenko nips the problems in the bud now, maybe he will be ok to compete in the Olympics in a couple of years. Maybe he will come out of it stronger.