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Jeremy Abbott out of Four Continents

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Sorry for the delay on this. Jeremy Abbott has withdrawn from the Four Continents Championship due to back spasms that are now affecting his hip. And now, cue American skating fans shaking in their boots at the thought that Abbott will not be able to get better in time for worlds. Coach Yuka Sato said the injury should not affect his ability to compete at worlds.

From the Detroit Free Press article:

"Thankfully, it's not a major injury -- his back sort of spasmed up a bit," Sato said Friday night. "I think it's from a stressful couple of weeks. We don't think it's the smartest thing to push him and make him skate in Colorado Springs. We should rest his back and get him ready for worlds."

Abbott will be replaced by Richard Dornbush, although Dornbush finished 13th at the recent national championships. I guess USFSA still thinks Dornbush has some international potential and wants to support that.