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The World Championships are Coming...

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So be sure to check here in the coming days for previews and predictions. And here are some worlds-based articles that have been circulating in recent days.

-An Icenetwork article about how Jeremy Abbott is ready for worlds this season. He apparently is usually ready for a vacation by now, but this year, he's ready to compete. You would not have known it from the way he performed at the recent Challenge Cup, where he made numerous errors. But I will take Icenetwork's word for it. And I'll have my own analysis on Jeremy coming up.

-An interesting article, also from Icenetwork, that asks U.S. men about the quadruple jump. The current crop of U.S. men haven't perfected it yet so it is kind of cool to see what they actually think about it.

-And one last Icenetwork article, looking at the return of Pang and Tong.

And unrelated to worlds, Michelle Kwan was voted into the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame last week. Earlier in the week was some press about Dick Button's criticism of the voting process for the hall of fame. I can't get too excited about hall of fame stories, since I have enough complaints of my own about actual competition judging issues.