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Complaints About the Ice at World Championships

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Alexander Smirnov, of pair Kavaguti and Smirnov, was quoted in Rianovosti as complaining about the ice at the world championships today. The Russian pair entered the competition favorites for a medal but finished the short program in 11th place and about nine points off the lead.

According to Smirnov, “I fell because my skate cracked the ice,” Smirnov said. “The ice is all new and very fresh. It just cracks under your feet like glass.”

Maxim Trankov, of (former) gold-medal favorites Volosozhar and Trankov, also complained about the ice. He said:

it crumbled and was of “weird quality.” The pair finished eighth with a score of 60.48.

Well, it doesn't appear that all of the top teams had the same ice-cracking problem. So I have a feeling the show will go on.