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Top Non-Medaling Skaters

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I am not the biggest list-maker in the world. But The Hairpin has taken a shot at it by putting together a list of the greatest skaters never to medal at the Olympics.

Their list should be completely disregarded, as it does not include KURT BROWNING. And also, their other pics make little sense to me, like Urbanski and Marval...I mean, surely others could have made that top ten list.

You know I would add Browning. Some other thoughts...would definitely swap out Christopher Bowman or Rudy Galindo with Todd Eldredge, who although perhaps not as exciting as the other two, was consistently on top of the world for much longer and came close to medaling twice. Heck, you could even maybe make a case for Johnny Weir over several of the others they mentioned. (UPDATED: DEAR GOD, not to MENTION Jeremy Abbott!!!!). And there are many ice dancing pairs that I would throw on the list pre-2010 but they didn't pick any ice dancers.

What about you guys? Who do you think are the greatest figure skaters not to have won an Olympic medal?