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International Challenge Cup Starts Today

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The International Challenge Cup starts today in The Hague, Netherlands. Some of America's world contenders are competing so let's take a quick look at who will be there. The event is not held every year but this year it's attracted a few worlds medal hopefuls.

Jeremy Abbott had to miss the Four Continents Championship with an injury, so this will be his worlds international prep competition. He should really run away with the competition if he skates to his abilities. His most notable competitors are Florent Amodio and Brian Joubert of France. The other name you might recognize is Samuel Contesti of Italy.

Alissa Czisny was not chosen for the Four Continents, which teammate Ashley Wagner went on to win. She will be competing here. Czisny will have a much taller order, competing against who I believe is the worlds gold medal favorite, Carolina Kostner of Italy. Another medal threat is Viktoria Helgesson of Sweden.