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Japan Victorious at World Team Trophy

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Japan narrowly beat out the United States in last weekend's World Team Trophy, 55 points to 53. Canada came in a distant third with 42 points.

The headlines of the event went to Daisuke Takahashi for edging out Patrick Chan of Canada in the men's competition. America's Ashley Wagner came back from short program woes to win the free skate over Japan's Akiko Suzuki and Italy's Carolina Kostner, both world medalists. Let's hope Wagner can keep the momentum going for next season. Akiko Suzuki won the event, followed by Kostner and Wagner in second and third.

Russia's Bazarova and Larionov won the pairs event over Canada's Duhamel and Radford and Japan's Takahashi and Tran, while America's Davis and White won the ice dance portion.