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Yuzuru Hanyu Will Work With Orser

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World bronze medalist Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan will not work with coach Brian Orser according to Icenetwork. Hanyu had been training under Nanami Abe in Sendai, Japan. Hanyu is still attending high school in Sendai but will make trips to Toronto to work with Orser. Not sure how easy of a schedule that will be to get used to for Hanyu, but I guess he decided he needed to make the switch to reach the next level of skating.

Hanyu had a breakthrough year this season that culminated in his world medal. He has a young but often elegant style and he's been racking up the technical points when he lands the jumps and he has a quad.

Orser's got a full house of skaters. Some of this famous current students are Javier Fernandez of Spain, Christina Gao of the US, and Elene Gedevanishvili of Georgia. I'll be interested to see what changes or improvements he can spark in Hanyu, who seems to be on the way up either way.