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US Names World Team Trophy

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US Figure Skating has named the competitors in this year's World Team Trophy, which takes place in Tokyo April 19-22. Only thing a bit conspicuous is the choice of Gracie Gold instead of Alissa Czisny, but who's going to argue that choice? (Though it may be that Gold earned more "points" this season than Czisny due to her successes in competition).

The competitors:

-Senior champ Ashley Wagner

-Junior champ Gracie Gold

-Ice Dancing champs Meryl Davis and Charlie White

-Men's champ Jeremy Abbott

-Men's silver medalist Adam Rippon

-Pairs champs Caydee Denney and John Coughlin

The world team trophy is a competition between the six countries that earned the most points this season and the country with the highest point total at the competition wins. This year's competitors are the US, Canada, Japan, Italy, Russia and France.

UPDATED TO ADD: The points totals that were counted were from the ISU events and rankings. For example, in the case of the American team members, the points were accumulated at the junior and senior world championships, the Four Continents Championship, the 2011 Grand Prix series including the Finals, and the ISU rankings. If I can find a full breakdown of all the points earned by these teams, I will post.