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Grand Prix Selections Announced; Weir in the Lineup

The Grand Prix selections have been made and the big news is that Johnny Weir (listed by US Figure Skating as Johnny Weir-Voronov, his married name) has received two assignments. Evan Lysacek, despite a change of agents and reported hopes that he could iron out his deal with US Figure Skating to get back into competition, is absent from the assignments. Find the full list of assignments here.

Weir received assignments to Rostelecom Cup and Trophee Eric Bompard, which are just a week apart. Other than Weir, some notable news about the assignments:

-Alissa Czisny has only received one placement - at the final event, NHK Trophy. This could be in part due to the fact that she is about to undergo surgery for a torn labrum in her hip (more news on that in a later post).

-US Junior ladies champ Gracie Gold has two assignments, as does comeback kid Caroline Zhang.

-Mirai Nagasu has only one assignment - Cup of China.

-Rachael Flatt has only one assignment - Skate America. If it's not yet a changing of the guard for the American ladies, the USFSA would love it if it WOULD be. And looks like the smart money is on Gracie Gold. But I think any money bet on an up and coming US skater these days is not really well spent. Gold is still pretty young.

-Though Grand Prix medalist Armin Mahbanoozadeh does not receive any slots, Richard Dornbush receives two and Douglas Razzano one. However, there is a TBD slot for American men at Skate America.

-Mark Ladwig will be making his Grand Prix debut with new partner Lindsay Davis at the NHK Trophy. Caitlin Yankowskas will hit the ice with new partner Joshua Regan at the Cup of China.

-Miki Ando is back, with two placements.

-Pang and Tong are back on the Grand Prix circuit.