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Shen and Zhao to Move onto Coaching

Olympic pairs champions Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo are moving on from performing into coaching, according to CRI English. Per the article, Zhao said at a press conference:

"Our 20 years of figure skating experience makes us feel that this is the perfect time for us to bid farewell to our fans. The next step is for us to train the students with our experience and techniques accumulated in the competitive field. We really hope that the next gold medalists will again come from China."

It appears that the Artistry on Ice Show would be their farewell as performers. Shen and Zhao, also a married couple, put Chinese pairs skating on the map. They were the first Chinese pair to win an international skating medal at the world championships, and in 2002 they became the first Chinese pair to win the world championships. After winning their third world title in 2007, the pair retired. But they would come back for the 2009-2010 season, in which they would win the 2010 Olympics. They received the highest program components of the competitors in that competition, and they have shown those skills off over the years by being vibrant show skaters.

Good luck to them in their coaching careers.