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Weir's Plans

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Someone on the Golden Skate forum translated a recent interview with Johnny Weir, who is en route to a comeback this season and has accepted invitations to two Grand Prix events.

According to the translation:

-Weir will be skating his short program to Lady Gaga (ok..have to admit I am kind of tired of Weir skating to Lady Gaga. Does that end at some point? That being said, I am sure Weir will do something interesting with it)

-He will attempt quads in both the short program and free skate (yay!)

-He will be working with Nikolai Morozov on his step sequences (I assume this will help him...he needed to up the difficulty all around in his programs so I'm excited he's committed to doing so)

-He does not want to be a coach or a choreographer

-Figure skating is not life and death and he is not skating for the medals (even if he is not skating for medals, it appears he is doing what he can to be competitive, and I really like seeing that. I think there is room for him still in American skating and I really hope he does end up competing in the Grand Prix events).