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Samuelson and Gilles Officially End Partnership

Icenetwork has a writeup on the end of the partnership of Emily Samuelson and Todd Gilles. The two skated together for a year. The article quotes what Samuelson wrote on her Facebook page:

"Our decision to part was very much mutual. We had sat down to talk several times in the off-season, weighing how our own training was going compared to what is needed to be competitive at an international level," Samuelson wrote. "We both decided that the circumstances under which we were training was not what either of us wanted; that something had changed and we were no longer having fun and enjoying skating on a daily basis.

The pair placed eighth at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, which is a far cry from what Samuelson was used to in her previous partnerships with Evan Bates, with whom she won two national silver medals and went to the 2010 Olympics. Bates now skates with Madison Chock. It appears Gilles may be retiring from competition and that Samuelson is looking for a new partner.