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Kostner to Stick Around

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Reigning world champion Carolina Kostner of Italy is going to continue competing through the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, according to Icenetwork. Icenetwork quotes the skater's website:
"Dear friends, I've been thinking about my life and future a lot lately and after consulting my coach and family, I decided to continue my competitive career until Sochi 2014. It won't be an easy challenge, therefore I hope you will keep supporting me the way you did through all of these years! Thank you. Love, Carolina"
I think Kostner is smart to stick around. Though Kim Yu-na is on the comeback trail, Kostner is one of the few skaters who can snag program components scores near Yu-na's. And perhaps Kostner would not be any sort of gold medal threat consdiering how much easier her programs tend to be compared with Yu-na's, but she would definitely be a medal threat against the crop of skaters we've been seeing in the past few years. The questions about Kostner's future reached a fever pitch earlier this month when she told Italian magazine Gente that she was considering retirement.