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Kostner Considers Retirement

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Possibly satsified with having won the world championships this year, Italy's Carolina Kostner contemplates retirement, according to this Icenetwork recap of an interview Kostner gave to the magazine Gente.

"Now that I've had the satisfaction of climbing onto the world's highest stage, I'm happy, and I might choose to resume my (normal) life," Kostner told the weekly magazine Gente. "It's a tough decision, and I want to take a few more weeks to reflect."

Perhaps Kostner is wondering how she could win the Olympics against a healthy Kim Yu-na, who has announced her intention to return to competition in time for the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Though Kostner may rival Kim in program components these days, Kim's more difficult and pristine technical content makes her hard for anyone to truly contend with unless she makes multiple errors.

In the article, Kostner said that she's like to coach and finish college. She is 25 years old.

The article also mentioned Japan's 2011 world champ Miki Ando, who says she's not yet ready to compete. We'll see if she gets ready in time for her Grand Prix assignments.