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Marley and Brubaker Split

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This one took me by surprise. Mary Beth Marley and Rockne Brubaker have ended their pairs skating partnership. Marley is leaving competitive skating, according to the Kansas City Star. It was a promising pair so it's too bad. Now Brubaker will have to start over again.

The two got together a couple of years ago after Brubaker and partner Keauna McLaughlin failed to make the 2010 Olympic team and split up. Brubaker says it is still his goal to make the Olympic team. I guess it won't be too difficult for him to find another partner.

Marley and Brubaker came in fourth in their first national championship last year and they earned the silver medal this year. They came in 10th at the world championships.

The pair was scheduled to participate in two Grand Prix events so we'll see who those go to instead.