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Summer Competitions Update

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The summer skating competitions are ongoing and Unseen Skaters is pretty amazing at listing all the scores, so check for the nitty gritty.

Some of highlights that I can glean featuring some of the well-known names: -Vanessa Lam dominated Caroline Zhang at the Hidden Valley Open in July. Lam debuted a free skate to The Artist soundtrack. Videos here.

-Marley and Brubaker debuted a short program to Hernando's Hideaway at the LA Open. It was an exhibition.

-Former Junior National Champ Courtney Hicks was back in action at this event and won the free skate handily.

-Armin Mahbanoozadeh easily beat Jared Farris at the Vail Invitational last month.

-Winners of the Liberty Summer Competition include Samantha Cesario, Max Aaron (who led a field that included Ross Miner and Brandon Mroz), Zhang and Bartholomay for pairs.

-Moore-Towers and Moscovitch of Canada won the Indy Pairs Challenge by more than 20 points over Americans Castelli and Shnapir. The Canadians did a Queen medley.

-Skate Detroit was a few weeks ago. Hannah Miller eked out a win over highly touted world junior champ Gracie Gold. Miller has been working with Tanith Belbin, among others. Gold has been doing the Rippon triple lutz, which is a lutz with two hands over her head. Moore-Towers and Moscovitch won the pairs competition. Alex Johnson won for the men.

-At last weekend's Glacier Falls competition, Mirai Nagasu just beat out Vanessa Lam for the win. Courtney Hicks was a ways behind them. Richard Dornbush easily won on the men's side.