Kerrigan's Brother Aquitted of Manslaughter


The brother of Olympic silver and bronze medalist Nancy Kerrigan has been aquitted by a jury in his manslaughter trial. Mark Kerrigan was charged with manslaughter for the death of his father, Daniel. The defense argued that Daniel died of heart disease. Kerrigan was, however, found guilty of assault and battery in the fight that led up to Daniel Kerrigan's death.

Johnny Weir's Little Black Dresses


When you saw that short program corset of Johnny Weir's last season, all you could think was...I wish that I, too, could own something with shoulder tassels. I know that is what you were thinking. Well, your cocktail party dreams have come true! Johnny Weir has a little black dress collection, featuring not only the shoulder tassel dress but also the coveted butt poof dress. Available at the end of April.

Georges Laraque trying out figure skating


Georges Laraque, former NHL player (big old bruiser to boot!) is currently on tour trying out the new sporting love in his life - Figure Skating! Great story.

Faiella and Scali Retire


Italian ice dancers Federica Faiella and Massimo Scali have announced their retirement. They won the bronze medal at the 2010 worlds and followed up with an unfortunate 2010-11 season full of mistakes and injury. The pair competed in three Olympic games and have definitely provided some memorable moments over the years. According to Icenetwork: On the team's website, Scali acknowledged their disappointment at Europeans and thanked their families, the Italian Skating Federation, judges and fans for their support over the years. "I really wanted to tell you that after the short dance at the last Europeans it was really, really difficult for us to go on. It was maybe the first time in all our career that we felt we did not have any more energy to finish the competition, and not even the famous phrase 'skate for yourselves' could work anymore; well, it's exactly in that moment that you all were our real strength."

Laura Lepisto out of worlds


The 2010-2011 season is a scratch for Finnish skater Laura Lepisto, who has withdrawn from the world championships. Lepisto missed the beginning of the season with injury and she just injured herself again last week in practice. A back injury will keep her out. Lepisto is the reigning world bronze medalist.

Favorite Headline of the Day...


From morethanthegames: "Tong and Jian Fail to Disappoint as they collect Four Continents Gold" I have never hear winning put that way before. Way to fail (at disappointing us!), Pang and Tong! Wishing you many more failures.

Spot the National Champion


If you were watching the Super Bowl, you may have spotted one of our national skating champions in this Chrysler commercial.

Confusing Racial Generalizations


Thanks, Denver Post. From an article regarding Rachael Flatt and criticism of her artistry: "That feedback hasn't always been kind. The Chicago Tribune and Sports Illustrated questioned her national title last year over Mirai Nagasu, who, like most skaters of Asian heritage, scores heavily with artistry." Someone tell me why the reporter added in that bit at the end of the sentence. I was annoyed by the writer's need to make some sort of mass (and completely unprovable) generalization about "most" skaters of Asian heritage, but I'm wondering if my annoyance should be more centered on the fact that I can't figure out what the reporter was even getting at with that statement to begin with.

Golden Girl


Michelle Kwan arrives at the White House for last night's State Dinner.

Johnny Weir officially comes out


"All the gay websites couldn't figure out why I was such a jerk that I wouldn't talk about it," Weir wrote. "But pressure is the last thing that would make me want to 'join' a community. ... The massive backlash against me in the gay media and community only made me dig my 'closeted' heels in further."